About Us

What we are

DECBSI is a company comprised of different services. Our main focus no matter the concentration of your company, is to make every customer happy with their decision to choose DECBSI. Our staff with vast experience can construct a program to improve, sustain and/or grow your business. We thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit our company. Remember without "U" there is no us, plain and simple! 

Our Skills

Web and Graphic Design
Management Training
Brand Creation and Implementation
Customer Service and Soft Skills Training

Meet Our President/CEO

D. Ervin Clark, Jr., CEO


Positivity, that is a word that best describes our President/CEO. He truly believes that sustained positivity is the key to success for a any business. His career began after leaving Jackson State University while studying Business Management, he began working for United Airlines in North American Sales and quickly was promoted to Service Director of International Sales/MileagePlus/North America Sales. His time with United Airlines allowed for a vast understanding of management at a global level. After leaving United Airlines he began working for Ticketmaster, TruGreen Chemlawn and eSentia Systems in senior sales management. His last position prior to starting DECBSI was head of Donor Recruitment for United Blood Services Meridian. With a vast array of sales,management, graphic design, and web design experience coupled with his open mindset due to his travels abroad(Paris, Tokyo, London, and Frankfurt), this allows for a very diverse sense of creativity that will give your company the image it needs and deserves. He believes the days when customer interaction was the sole responsibility of those with customer service roles, in this day and age everyone across the business should have the opportunity to develop a business that puts the customer first, this is intrinsic to our business culture. He leads our company focused on getting our customer advocacy right, everything else in the business will flow from that.

Why Choose Us?

We work in collaboration with you and we're interested in your business. What's your current branding? What's your target market? What market are you reaching right now? We want to know because we work with you to ensure:

  • Your marketing material accurately speaks to your intended target audience.
  • Your brand messaging is clear and consistent across your range of products, giving that all-important professional impression.

Great design is all about targeting the right market for your business. We want to know what your brand is, what your products are and what your edge is on the competition. We pride ourselves on making sure our designs fit the needs of our clients and incorporate strong company branding.

Our Services

Beauty is only skin deep. Good design is based on thorough research and yields tangible results. From a responsive web design that delights your visitors to digital marketing campaigns that drive traffic to your website, we design with style and substance.
We help companies convert their dreams into reality. We understand the ambidextrous requirement of organizations – achieve imminent short term goals and simultaneously build the competencies needed to fulfill the long term vision. We partner with our clients in their quest to improve the bottom-line and fuel top-line growth by unlocking the inherent opportunities available inside and outside the organization. We are focused towards providing management consulting solutions in strategy, innovation,problem solving and business transformation across all industries.
Brands evolve; that’s their nature. But all too often a brand’s portfolio loses its definition over time, becoming unwieldy and incomprehensible for the consumers trying to navigate it and constraining for brand owners trying to plan for growth. We work with clients to make sense of their architecture, ensuring that every aspect of their portfolio ladders up to and enhances the core brand positioning, that there’s space for the brand to grow and innovate, and that consumers understand the benefits of every element of its offering.